Commercial project management

Streamline your build with commercial project management

The success of your commercial project hinges on meticulous planning, efficient execution, and unwavering focus. At TKS Development, we’re here to help you manage that.

We offer comprehensive commercial project management services designed to ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget, and always to the highest standards.

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Pre-construction planning

We collaborate with you to define your vision, create a feasibility study, secure permits, and develop a clear roadmap from planning to completion.

Procurement and vendor management

We leverage our extensive network to find qualified and cost-effective contractors and suppliers, so you don’t have to.

Project scheduling and budgeting

We create a detailed timeline and comprehensive budget, proactively managing changes to ensure project completion within your timeframe and financial parameters.

Risk management

We proactively identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies, minimising disruptions and keeping your project on track.

Communication and reporting

We prioritise clear and consistent communication with all stakeholders, keeping everyone informed and aligned throughout the project.

Project management tailored to you

Every build is different, but we aim to please with expert commercial project management that’s tailor-made for your unique brief. From timelines and budgets to designs and objectives, we take into account every detail, giving you complete peace of mind.

Take a look at our recent commercial projects to see the variety of developments we’ve worked on. 

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Why choose TKS Development for your commercial project management?

  • Proven track record:

    Over 47 years of experience delivering successful commercial projects on time and within budget. After working on hundreds of projects, we can bring that expertise to your development.

  • Cost optimisation:

    We maximise value by finding qualified vendors, managing budgets meticulously, and minimising project risks. Every penny counts on commercial projects and we make sure to use them efficiently.

  • Reduced stress:

    Our team handles the complexities of your commercial construction project, allowing you to focus on your core business stress-free.

  • Transparency and accountability:

    Clear communication is critical to the success of any project, so we provide regular progress reports, ensuring you're always in the loop.

  • Seamless project delivery:

    We prioritise a smooth and efficient process at every stage of the build, minimising disruptions and delivering a project that exceeds your expectations.